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Uw titel Uw titel Uw titel
Filename Downloads Size Date Description
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 21-08-16.rar8714  2.66 KB21-08-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 21-08-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 08-08-16.rar2763  3.56 KB08-08-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 08-08-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 29-07-16.rar2333  2.88 KB29-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 29-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 28-07-16.rar1601  3.66 KB28-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 28-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 27-07-16.rar945  3.88 KB27-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 27-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 26-07-16.rar934  5.04 KB26-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 26-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 22-07-16.rar979  9.54 KB22-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 22-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 20-07-16.rar1018  3.55 KB20-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 20-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 19-07-16.rar833  2.47 KB19-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 19-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 18-07-16.rar299  3.20 KB18-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 18-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 17-07-16.rar311  4.74 KB17-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 17-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 16-07-16.rar358  3.87 KB16-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 16-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 14-07-16.rar271  5.81 KB14-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 14-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 13-07-16.rar284  3.07 KB13-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 13-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 12-07-16.rar299  3.89 KB12-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 12-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 08-07-16.rar380  5.11 KB08-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 08-07-16
oscam-svn11272-armV7-webif-Distribution.rar400  670.92 KB08-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 07-07-16.rar353  5.60 KB06-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 07-07-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 06-07-16.rar321  2.42 KB05-07-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 06-07-16
oscam 1.20-svn11271-Cubietruck-web.zip355  1.08 MB30-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-svn11271-Cubietruck-web
oscam-svn11271-armV7-webif-Distribution.rar263  671.31 KB30-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 29-06-16.rar414  3.76 KB29-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 29-06-16
oscam-svn11270-armV7-webif-Distribution.rar241  670.94 KB28-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 28-06-16.rar304  3.52 KB28-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 28-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 27-06-16.rar342  11.54 KB27-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 27-06-16
oscam1.20-rev-11269-oe2.0.rar352  682.01 KB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-svn11269-Octagon-sh4stapi-web.zip248  2.07 MB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-svn11269-Octagon-sh4stapi-web
oscam 1.20-svn11269-Cubietruck-web.zip209  1.08 MB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-svn11269-Cubietruck-web
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-Pli-4.0-emu.rar302  767.35 KB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-Pli-4.0-emu
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-Pli-4.0.rar217  685.03 KB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-Pli-4.0
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-oe1.6-emu.rar231  743.36 KB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-oe1.6-emu
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-oe1.6.rar186  663.81 KB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-oe1.6
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-fpu-emu.rar207  712.18 KB26-06-2016eniz9
oscam 1.20-rev-11269-fpu-emu
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 26-06-16.rar285  3.63 KB26-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 26-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 25-06-16.rar304  3.41 KB25-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 25-06-16
oscam-svn11268-armV7-webif-Distribution.rar239  671.35 KB25-06-2016eniz9
oscam-svn11267-openpli40-webif-ssl-libusb-oscam-emu-patched.zip332  701.68 KB24-06-2016eniz9
oscam-120-unstable svn11267-x86 64-pc-cygwin.exe-ssl-libusb-pcsc.zip283  751.40 KB24-06-2016eniz9
oscam-120-unstable svn11267-x86 64-pc-cygwin.exe-ssl-libusb-pcsc
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 23-06-16.rar461  3.81 KB23-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 23-06-16
oscam-svn11248-armV7-webif-Distribution.rar318  673.46 KB22-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 22-06-16.rar388  4.87 KB22-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 22-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 21-06-16.rar418  3.45 KB21-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 21-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 20-06-16.rar302  5.13 KB20-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 20-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 19-06-16.rar401  4.16 KB19-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 19-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 18-06-16.rar361  2.33 KB18-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 18-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 17-06-16.rar334  6.62 KB17-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 17-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 16-06-16.rar271  2.79 KB16-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 16-06-16
oscam-svn11245-armV7-webif-Distribution tar.rar419  605.94 KB10-06-2016eniz9
oscam-svn11245-armV7-webif-Distribution tar
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 09-06-16.rar636  3.35 KB09-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 09-06-16
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 08-06-16.rar403  3.63 KB08-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM & Newcamd Server 08-06-16
FREE CCCAM Server 07-06-16.rar430  2.75 KB07-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 07-06-16
FREE CCCAM Server 06-06-16.rar407  2.71 KB06-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 06-06-16
FREE CCCAM Server 03-06-16.rar410  2.64 KB03-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 03-06-16
FREE CCCAM Server 02-06-16.rar521  3.45 KB02-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 02-06-16
FREE CCCAM Server 01-06-16.rar515  2.75 KB01-06-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 01-06-16
Oscam Emu with full conf enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam.emu-11233 11233emu noarch.rar655  889.76 KB01-06-2016eniz9
Oscam Emu with full conf enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam.emu-11233 11233emu noarch
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam-pcscd-latest 11233-r0 cortexa9hf-neon.rar460  700.47 KB01-06-2016eniz9
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam-pcscd-latest 11233-r0 cortexa9hf-neon
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam-light-latest 11233-r1 cortexa9hf-neon.rar431  632.58 KB01-06-2016eniz9
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam-light-latest 11233-r1 cortexa9hf-neon
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam-latest_11233-r1 cortexa9hf-neon.rar412  698.46 KB01-06-2016eniz9
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam-latest_11233-r1 cortexa9hf-neon
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam.emu-latest_11233-r0 cortexa9hf-neon.rar409  777.05 KB01-06-2016eniz9
Oscam emu enigma2-plugin-camd-oscam.emu-latest_11233-r0 cortexa9hf-neon
FREE CCCAM Server 31-05-16.rar549  3.23 KB31-05-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 31-05-16
FREE CCCAM Server 30-05-16.rar534  2.53 KB30-05-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 30-05-16
FREE CCCAM Server 26-05-16.rar701  2.41 KB26-05-2016eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 26-05-16
CCcam 230.zip1798  504.35 KB19-04-2016eniz9
CCcam 2.3.0 for OpenLD Image
FREE CCCAM Server 27-05-15.rar11697  10.43 KB27-05-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 27-05-15
FREE CCCAM Server 26-05-15.rar3430  7.71 KB26-05-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 26-05-15
FREE CCCAM Server 25-05-15.rar2514  7.11 KB25-05-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 25-05-15
FREE CCCAM Server 28-04-15.rar4714  4.16 KB27-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 28-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 25-04-15.rar2894  6.35 KB25-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 25-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 20-04-15.rar2754  3.56 KB20-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 20-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 18-04-15.rar2461  7.17 KB18-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 18-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 14-04-15.rar2751  17.46 KB14-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 14-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 13-04-15.rar2191  7.47 KB13-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 13-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 11-04-15.rar2256  5.34 KB11-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 11-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 09-04-15.rar2394  7.26 KB09-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 09-04-15
FREE CCCAM Server 08-04-15.rar2261  9.47 KB08-04-2015eniz9
FREE CCCAM Server 08-04-15
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 14-01-15.rar5392  92.46 KB14-01-2015eniz9
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 14-01-15
Latest CCcam providers by ducomico 28-10-14.rar3802  11.23 KB28-10-2014eniz9
Latest CCcam providers by ducomico 28-10-14
Oscam Dvbapi 09-10-2014.zip1758  11.25 KB11-10-2014eniz9
Oscam Dvbapi 09-10-2014
CCcam Channel info 05-07-14.rar5267  71.83 KB06-07-2014eniz9
CCcam Channel info 05-07-14
Multi CardServer r81 22-05-14.zip5758  3.20 MB22-05-2014eniz9
Multi CardServer r81 22-05-14
mgcamd 138 srf mips.rar3941  296.81 KB24-03-2014eniz9
mgcamd 138 srf mips
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 15-02-14.rar5450  95.79 KB15-02-2014eniz9
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 15-02-14
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 02-01-14.rar3591  95.57 KB02-01-2014eniz9
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 02-01-14
oscam svn9065 mips tuxbox oe20 webif libusb ssl Distribution.rar1845  350.63 KB04-12-2013eniz9
oscam svn9065 mips tuxbox oe20 webif libusb ssl Distribution
E1 & E2 Oscam-ymodv18-t46 Cryptoworks Emu Fixed.rar4537  702.59 KB08-09-2013eniz9
E1 & E2 Oscam-ymodv18-t46 Cryptoworks Emu Fixed
CCcam Free Servers 11-08-13.rar17773  4.36 KB11-08-2013eniz9
*Sky Italia (+hd) *Sky Uk (+hd)
*Cyfra+ *TivuSat
*JSC Sports+ (1-10) *Ab Sat (Biss)
*Sky Deutschland (+hd) *ORF (+hd)
*Digital + *Digital Ab *Tring
*Meo Tv (Hispasat 1C at 30.0W)
*Canal Digital (Thor 0.8W)
*Viasat (Astra 4A at 4.8E)
*Platforma HD (Eurobird 9A at 9.0E)
*Satellite BG on Astra 3B at 23.5E
*Adult Paket FULL
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 26-05-13.rar5831  102.44 KB26-05-2013eniz9
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 26-05-13
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 28-03-13.rar2758  106.18 KB28-03-2013eniz9
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 28-03-13
CCcam Channel Info Update 26-02-2013.rar2511  82.45 KB26-02-2013eniz9
CCcam Channel Info Update 26-02-2013
Cccam-230 & Doscam-07 e2 pli for Medi@link Ixuss One.rar2151  1,013.87 KB28-01-2013eniz9
Cccam-230 & Doscam-07 e2 pli for Medi@link Ixuss One
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 27-01-13.rar2211  104.43 KB27-01-2013eniz9
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 27-01-13
mgcamd-1 38c-pli JSC SPORTS.rar2585  769.62 KB29-12-2012eniz9
mgcamd-1 38c-pli JSC SPORTS
MGcamd 138c Stable-mips E2 by Leo JSC SPORTS.zip1655  336.05 KB29-12-2012eniz9
MGcamd 138c Stable-mips E2 by Leo JSC SPORTS
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 22-12-12.rar1910  103.04 KB22-12-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info-Providers & Prio by eniz9 Fix 22-12-12
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 15-11-12.rar2189  92.40 KB15-11-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 15-11-12
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 16-10-12.rar1885  89.66 KB16-10-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 16-10-12
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 02-10-12.rar730  88.63 KB02-10-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info & Providers by eniz9 Fix 02-10-12
CCcam Channel Info by eniz9 Fix 29-09-12.rar856  80.75 KB29-09-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info by eniz9 Fix 29-09-12
MGcamd 138 files.rar2586  332.79 KB30-08-2012eniz9
MGcamd 138 files
CCcam Prio-SatPirates S2.zip2546  12.95 KB26-08-2012eniz9
CCcam Prio-SatPirates S2
Simple CCcam prio.rar1967  3.79 KB29-05-2012eniz9
Simple CCcam prio
CCcam-Channelinfo & Providers edit by Rolli 01-05-12.rar1234  94.66 KB01-05-2012eniz9
CCcam-Channelinfo & Providers edit by Rolli 01-05-12
CCcam Channel Info Fix 10-04-12.rar1214  76.92 KB10-04-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info Fix 10-04-12
CCcam Providers Fix 10-04-12.zip1501  15.47 KB10-04-2012eniz9
CCcam Providers Fix 10-04-12
CCcam Channel Info Fix 26-03-12.rar974  76.77 KB26-03-2012eniz9
CCcam Channel Info Fix 26-03-12
CCcam Providers Fix 26-03-12.zip972  14.91 KB26-03-2012eniz9
CCcam Providers Fix 26-03-12
CCcam Prio Fix 26-03-12.zip1342  10.68 KB26-03-2012eniz9
CCcam Prio Fix 26-03-12
CCcam Channel Info Fix 24-03-12.rar2078  76.73 KB24-03-2012eniz9
*Added SCT/Redlight HD
*Dorcel TV
*Canal Digital Nordic
enigma2-plugin-cams-Hypercam v218-AAF.rar1301  374.97 KB08-02-2012eniz9
enigma2-plugin-cams-Hypercam v218-AAF
multics b7-r38.zip1283  266.49 KB06-02-2012eniz9
*fixed clients/servers connection.
*fixed command line bug.
OSCam Services-Creator 206.zip1746  256.91 KB30-01-2012eniz9
Mit diesem Programm wird die oscam services mit den folgenden Filtern generiert und im Unterverzeichnis config gespeichert.
Mgcamd 138a.rar2259  352.82 KB25-01-2012eniz9
Mgcamd 138a
CCcamCC 15 patch 15a.rar3008  7.81 MB19-01-2012eniz9
CCcamCC 15 patch 15a & wodssh 26884
ZebraDem SID-ASSIGN v11a.rar885  60.67 KB14-01-2012eniz9
ZebraDem SID-ASSIGN v11a
Channel Info 11-01-12.rar1035  74.73 KB11-01-2012eniz9
Channel Info 11-01-12
CCcam-Editor2012.rar4538  2.14 MB01-01-2012eniz9
*Updated For CCcam 2.3.0
*Added Timer with selectable interval on Webinfo page
*little bug fixed. (dit not load irdeto camkey or was it camdata from file and box)
CCcam-230 all Images 17-12-11.rar11076  18.24 MB20-12-2011eniz9
*cccam 2.3.0 fur azboxHD
*CCcam 2.3.0 for freetz
*cccam 2.3.0 Newnigma
*CCcam 2.3.0 for BH Image also Nabilo E2
*Cccam 2.3.0 GP/GP2/and GP3
*CCcam 2.3.0 For Nemesis E2
*CCcam 2.3.0 ipk format for VTI, PLI & BH
*CCcam 2.3.0 ET9000 PLI
*Cccam 2.3.0 fur gigablue
*Cccam 2.3.0 For SifTeam
*CCcam 2.3.0 Evolution
*CCcam 2.3.0 open AAF IPK
*CCcam 2.3.0 for EDG Enigma1
*CCcam 2.3.0 for ViX images
*CCcam 2.3.0 for OoZooN Images E2
*CCcam 2.3.0 for Image NoviTeam
*CCCam 2.3.0 for HDF Images
*CCcam 2.3.0 For LS Image
*Cccam 2.3.0 for 4ReacktX Image
*CCcam 2.3.0 for gemini image
*CCcam 2.3.0 dbox2 + geshrinkt
*CCcam 2.3.0 for Merlin exalibur Image
*cccam 2.3.0 enigma2-plugin cam newcs v1.71 e2
*cccam 2.3.0 enigma2-plugin cams oscam v6088
*CCcam 2.3.0 complete,auto install for image nabilo E1
CCcam 2.3.0.zip5473  2.37 MB16-12-2011eniz9
*add SID LIMIT (see CCcam.cfg for details)
*several smartcard fixes
*several network fixes
*add seca tunneled nagra card support (may need card reset to see new revision after updating)
All Oscam3 svn6081 Distribution 14-12-11.rar1899  5.81 MB14-12-2011eniz9
All Oscam3 svn6081 Distribution 14-12-11:
All Oscam2 svn6081 Distribution 14-12-11.rar1712  7.14 MB14-12-2011eniz9
All Oscam2 svn6081 Distribution 14-12-11:
All Oscam1 svn6081 Distribution 14-12-11.rar1567  5.73 MB14-12-2011eniz9
All Oscam1 svn6081 Distribution 14-12-11:
Oscam Mega Pack Tool 11-11-11.rar1360  482.96 KB07-12-2011eniz9
You can download the tool MEGA PACK OSCAM
mgcamd 138 04-12-12.rar1215  301.97 KB05-12-2011eniz9
mgcamd 138 04-12-12
enigma2-plugin-cams-Mgcamd 138-ViX.zip1225  329.53 KB05-12-2011eniz9
enigma2-plugin-cams-Mgcamd 138-ViX
mgcamd-138.rar1431  1.22 MB23-10-2011eniz9
Prio sky 09CD.rar1390  9.00 KB24-07-2011eniz9
CCcam Prio 23-07-2011 SkyItalia 09CD
CWM 20.rar2069  2.82 MB26-03-2011eniz9
Here is the new CCcam Web Manager 2.0
CCcam-2.2.1.rar4773  1.70 MB22-11-2010YARGI
-added via 3.0 emu (add working *** in SoftCam.Key)
-fixed parsing GLOBAL EMM setting
-fixed occasional freeze (bug since 2.2.0)
-random loadbalance preference
-smartcard fixes
scam 3.59.zip3100  232.11 KB22-02-2010eniz9
Sky IT Fix

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